About Me

My name is Giverny. I am 21 years of age and living in the happiest city in Australia, midway between the mountains and the sea.

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree at university. So far, I’ve investigated a number of subject areas ranging from management, marketing and public relations to digital media, global media, social justice, philosophy, sociology and research practices.

I love to read books and I especially like biographies. When the opportunity arrives, I frequent any art exhibitions. In my spare time, I often get my craft box out and make personalised cards. I’m an avid hoarder of stationary supplies and I enjoy watching classic TV shows like The Golden Girls, Keeping Up Appearances, I Dream of Jeannie and I Love Lucy.

My one true passion, however, is having tea parties with my neighbour’s tuxedo cat.



P.S. The header image is where my grandfather was born, in Vallemaio, Italy.


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